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Stitch 32: Raised Cross Stitch Flower


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Stitch 32: Raised Cross Stitch Flower

Stitch 32: Raised Cross Stitch Flower

I had so much fun doing this stitch!

I love how it looks with different threads, Stiff cording (square sparkly red #7) and jute (square yellow #14) don't work well at all. Some of the other yarns seemed to come out squareish, too. I think that might be my tension. I don't know the names of all my threads since some of them are without wrappers (either because I lost them or because it was someone else's leftover thread), but these are:

  1.  Novelty knitting thread that's as fine as perle 12 with fluffy "flags" spaced along the thread.
  2.  Ribbon kintting yarn that curled into a round thread instead of a flat ribbon. (Ice yarns, Shine Star color, 90% Polyamide, 10% Lurex)
  3.  This is a fuzzy knitting or crochet yarn about the size of perle 8.
  4.  This is perle 8.
  5.  This is knitting ribbon in wine, purple with gold threads. (Sari silk??)
  6.  This one is Turkish sock yarn (Ice Yarns, in Papillon color, 50% viscose, 50%cotton).
  7.  This is a rather stiff metallic(?) cording I've had forever. Pretty much only suitable for couching in embroidery.
  8.  This is a pink chenille (?) knitting yarn . It feels like cotton, but I have no idea what it actually is.
  9.  This is a nice, fuzzy chenille knitting yarn
  10.  Two strands of cotton craft floss.
  11.  This is a size 20 H.H.Lizbeth cotton crochet thread.
  12.  This is another novelty kitting yarn. It's  two strans of twisted thread connected ladder style approximately every inch with a quarter inch square of satin stitch.
  13. Eyelash knitting thread. While I like all of the flowers, this is my favorite. I thought it will be great for thistles, but don't see any of this yarn in the stores any more. :(
  14. This is bit of jute, either from the craft or the scrapbook section of the store.

I did more of these flowers with other yarns. I will post those another time.


You can click the photo to see it larger.


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