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Stitch 27: Bonnet Stitch


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Stitch 27: Bonnet Stitch

Stitch 27: Bonnet Stitch

Because I got behind, the stitches will be out of order for a while. This was the current stitch when I started it.

To be honest, I wasn't feeling very creative with the stitches. I think I need an idea of what I want to do before I can think outside the box. Anyway, I have a huge folder of stitching patterns, another of coloring pages, not to mention TONS of painting books with designs that would make suitable stitcheries, so I decided I'd use them. I try to keep track of where I get things, but  this design wasn't in a specific folder. I'm 99% certain this came from Broderie d'Antan, though. She posts all kinds of beautiful old patterns and some of her own designs. This is one of the latter.

Click the photo for full size. The design is curved because I put it  on the arm of the couch (a rounded surface) to photograph it. My fabric is a flax linen (isn't linen always made with flax?), but it's much more gray than tan. The thread colors look pretty good on my computer.

The writing at the top is perle 12 in black. I did this freehand. Next time I'll draw lines.

The test stitches are done in perle 5. If I were a young girl long ago, I would have been told to redo this all more neatly. As a 60+ year old woman, I said let it stay as it is, so I can move on. If I were doing this for anyone but myself, I'd work more slowly and carefully.

The purple part of the flowers are the bonnet stitch. I used perle 5.

The centers are perle 8. I never seemed to catch on to the colonial stitch, so I was tetermined to do it here. The first few are pretty sloppy (and probably more than the first few), but I think I finally got it!

The stems are rope stitch in variegated perle 8.

Bisou is perle 8.

The vase is all two strands of cotton floss. I did an embossed satin stitch, at least, that's what I call it. I wanted the design over satin stitch, but if I did full satin stitch, I wouldn'y be able to see the top design. Every time I came to a line of the design I went under a thread or two of the fabric. It's not perfect, but not too bad either. I don't think fine thread is the best one to use for this method.

The swirls on either side of the vase are perle 8 in stem stitch.

For more information about TAST check out Sharon B's PinTangle or visit her TAST Facebook page.

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