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CJS 1, Part 2


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CJS 1, Part 2

I just wanted to use bold color! Apparently that's not a good starting point for me.


Rae Missigman painted a beautiful page of flowers, but while I was working on my other project over the weekend, I had a dream. I always dream, so that's not new. It's also not new for me to forget most of a dream rather quickly if I don't write it down immediately on waking (whatever the time). All I could remember was seeing an eye floating in space and having a heart shaped pupil. I had gone to bed thinking of my failure with the red page, so I took this as a sign of what to paint.

I suppose it's a little better than the red page. It doesn't look like a Matisse painting or like the eye of my dream. It does have bold color, and I think it shows a little more control. It was a learning process. I remember thinking "I wish I were doing this in oils."  I really have a LOT to learn about using acrylics and water colors. Not that I know much about oil painting, but I had a class about half a century ago (not quite) and I remember enjoying playing with them.

I think this is an idea I may revisit without trying to fit it in with Matisse... Well, actually, I have a better idea for a Matisse inspired eye, too.



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