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Behind on TAST Again (Stitches, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14)


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Behind on TAST Again (Stitches, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14)

Behind on TAST Again (Stitches, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14)

Not the stitches, just the blogging about them. 

Actually, I've done quite a bit since the last update.


On the photo directly above I indicated some of the stitches by their TAST number. (You can click on photos to see full size.)

I left off at Stitch 10 - Running stitch, but I said I'd do more couching.

TAST Stitch 9 - Couching 

I have a skein of this lovely, soft chenille-like yarn. Some of it is attached here using a silgle strand of cotton floss.

Stitch 10 - Running stitch

I used the the sparkly nylon cording that my sister gave me for the middle, larger section of running stitch. I also use running stitch to couch the pink silk in the center.

TAST Stitch 11 - Whipped Wheel

The small pink one is size 8 perle thread. The large purple one is made with (from the center) dark purple nylon cord, a ring of woven wheel in glittery purple nylon cord, more of the dark purple, a light purple nylon cord, and then two strands of cotton floss.  I put a glittery French knot in the center.

Stitch 12 - Barred Chain and Alternating barred chain

I stacked two and three rows of barred chain against the chain stitch and then did alternating barred chain between them. These are all done in perle 8.

Stitch 13 - Satin Stitch 

I think this is my least favorite stitch. Looking at what others have done, I suspect the reason is that I often try to cover large spaces. These didn't come out too badly, though. Perle 8 variegated pink and purple.

Stitch 14 - Stem Stitch 

This is one of my favorite stitches. And I love curlicues These are pink, and yellow perle 8. The yellow is finished. I want to fill in the pace where the pink one. I'm contemplating putting this stitch in another section, but I haven't decided, yet.

TAST is brought to us by Sharon Boggon on Facebook, at Pintangle, and on Flickr

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