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New Journal Page


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New Journal Page

New Journal Page

I had so much fun doing this page!

I had no idea what I was doing. No plan. It started with a bird stamp, some scribbles and some quickly curved lines on the blank page. As I looked at the lines, I thought they sort of looked like horses, so I drew a few more lines. I added tree-like lines and bird lines at the top. That was it for that day.

When I returned to it, I was imagining something very abstract but wasn't sure how to get the look I wanted.  A piece of tracing paper fell onto the page and I like the effect of seeing the lines through it. I tore a larger piece and glued it here and there over my lines. Then I added some yellow paint in the upper left corner and attempted to stencil over some sequin waste with a marker. It was a very juicy marker! I restamped the bird because I didn't like how that looked through the paper. I didn't quite match it up as I would have liked.

The next time I returned to it, I had just been cleaning my sewing studio and I had a handful of frayed edgess. I glued them onto the lines and went back to cleaning.

My sister gave me a pile of catalogs to recycle. I figured I'd go through them and cut out whatever caught my eye.  (Some retailers have a way with words!) Among the things I saw was a picture of a horse painting. This inspired me and  my vague abstract idea flew out the window. Over the course of several more days I cut papers to match up with my lines and pasted them in place. The prepasted manes made this not as easy as it could have been, because I wanted them to remain free. I also cut a paper with a photo of grass for the bottom. Today I cut and pasted the ears and drew eyes.

It's far from perfect. As I've been typing this post I noticed that there should be the solid green and blue horses' bodies showing under the patterned green horse. Oh, well. Maybe I'll go back and add something. Maybe not. What this page does best for me is to inspire me toward an art quilt design. All my art (computer, journal, sketchbook), since I took Sharon Boggons' Studio Journal course, leads me to consider how it can be done in fabric and embroidery. Knowing that this journal is just a practice book and idea generator and not an "artwork" in itself, leaves me quite happy with it. 


Comment from: Liz [Visitor]

Don’t you just love how things evolve? I have come to think of art as being a series of decisions. One thing that keeps it interesting is that you can’t really plot it all out at the beginning. You have to see how it looks at each stage before you can move on to the next.

09/07/15 @ 06:33
Comment from: airycat [Member]  

Liz, Exactly! Even when planned carefully, this is what happens for me.

09/20/15 @ 03:36
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