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TAST - Buttonhole, Feather and Cretan Stitches (Stitches 2,3, & 4)


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TAST - Buttonhole, Feather and Cretan Stitches (Stitches 2,3, & 4)

TAST - Buttonhole, Feather and Cretan Stitches (Stitches 2,3, & 4)


Since I filled up my first sampler with fly stitch, I thought I'd do something different for me, and made a crazy block out of scrap fabrics.

You can click on the image to see the full-sized scan.

A double row of buttonhole stitches  (week 2), purple perle 8 and turquoise craft thread, form the fence.

Feather stitches (week 3) are at the top left, yellow perle 8 laced with turquoise rayon  (? a barely twisted, multifilament, shiny, slippery thread), purple perle 8, light gold perle 12, and a double strand of deep yellow floss.

Cretan stitches (week 4) are on the right, yellow perle 12 and pink --either perle 12 or a comparable crochet thread (I have lots of unlabeled threads), straight stitch and  single chain stitch form the leaves and stems. Seed beads are the flowers and  the line below the Cretan.

In the center, I used Cretan to make the cloud in perle 5. The turquoise buttonhole circle flowers in the tree are craft thread. The tree branches are feather stitch in brown and gold perle 5 thread. The leaves of the flowers and the striped leaves in the tree are done in fly stitch (week 1) in green perle 8. At least one of the leaves in the tree is a chain stitch filled with the fly stitch, but I didn't like that, so I started doing just the fly stitch. The arch in the fence is magic chain using purple perle 8 and turquoise craft thread. The lamb is white perle 12 French knots. For that, I was trying Mary Corbet's tutorial on varying the size with tension only. I ended up doing it by wraps, too. Obviously, the tree and lamb are not done.

Between the center and the feather stitches is a wonky line of Cretin stitches in a green rayon (?). Wonky Cretin seemed to revert to feather stitch at times, or two-sided buttonhole stitch. It is easy to see how they are related, even just variations of the same stitch. The French knots are a variegated Wildflowers thread. I again tried to use tension to vary size and it seems to have worked fairly well.

TAST is presented by Sharon Boggon of PinTangle

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