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One UFO Completed


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One UFO Completed

One UFO Completed

I started this little quilt way back in January 2014. I was supposed to be doing a quilt-along started and completed that same January.


I've been trying to remember what blog it was, but can't think of it right now. I think the plan was: week one - make a pieced background; week two - make an applique design including broderie perse; week three - embroider and add bling; week four - free motion quilt. I got behind and then was taking a class in February, so it got put aside.

(you can click on the photo to see it full-size)

When I picked it up again last week, I had less than a quarter of the embroidery left. I decided to hand quilt using some nylon cord that had some glitter.Looking at it now, I can see that I don't have a good value balance. That's still something I need to work on.

The background is done with the sew and flip (flip and sew?) method. If you look closely, you can see that I didn't calculate the points coming together point very well. Other than that, I like the background.

I got the flower design from one of my mom's decorative painting books. Those flowers and leaves are about the size of my thumb, so you can imagine the fun of cutting them. Next time, I'll use my Cameo! (Didn't have it then.) I did fuse them, but as I stitched, the edges still frayed. I don't care for frayed edges. I prefer turned edges, but these are so small, if I do something like this again, I will use a heavier fusing material, or use Fray-check or something.

I used one strand of dark green floss in blanket stitch on the leaves, but it didn't look right so I laced it with the brighter green in perle 8. The veins are backstitch in a single strand each of red, green and variegated gold metallic thread. I don't know why I didn't use fly stitch! The red part of the flower is attached with a single thread of the red floss, then outlined in chain stitch with the same thread. The petals are outlined internally in chain stitch in a shade darker in perle 8. Again, the purple part of the flowers are blanket stitched in a single strand of purple floss and outlined in chain stitch in a darker purple metallic thread. (Some of those sentences are like matryoshka dolls!) The stamens and pistils are pistil stitch in the gold metallic  thread. The stems are all stem stitch in perle 8. The tiny bit of green in the flowers where they connect to their stems is the end of the stem stitch wrapped in floss -- one strand, I think.

My broderie perse is attached and decorated with the gold metallic thread. Blanket stitch, backward on the antenna, around the edge and French knots in the circles and curlicues. (The rest of the gold there is the fabric.)

I made my quilt sandwich inside out, sewed around all but the top edge of the center triangle, turned it right side out and whip stitched it closed. I quilted it by stitching in the ditch using the nylon cord, which is between perle 8 and perle 5 in size.  I had some problems on the right side, so it's a bit wonky. That cord is hard to pull through three layers. I also stitched clockwise from the bottom left. I think I should have stopped at the center and then gone counter-clockwise from the bottom right. 

Even with all the things I see that could be better, I like this. I learned a few things, too. That's the really good part.

Lots of buttonhole/blanket stitches for this week's TAST, too. :D


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