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Art Studio


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Art Studio

Mom left me an art studio.

She spent all last summer organizing her room. All her personal things, like clothes, she put in the closet and hallway to the bathroom. The rest of the room is approximately 11' x 15.5' and it is filled, really filled, with arty stuff. There are all kinds of paint, paper, stamps, stencils and ephemera. She also left a ton of books on decorative painting and art journaling, plus some other art related books.

I moved her bed to the guest room at Christmas time. It took me until the beginning of this month to pack up her clothes to give to the women's shelter. The hallway and closet still have more work for me, but the studio is ready to use--once I get my own art supplies in order. It still feels like "Mom's room," but I decided she would be unhappy if we let all her stuff go to waste from disuse.

Friday morning (!!really in the am!!) I went in and took my studio journal. The night before, I had taped in 34 sheets with kaleidoscope designs on both sides that I thought might make good embroidery or quilt designs. Although I have used it, it wasn't daily or even weekly. Most of what I had in there were diagrams. There was one two-page spread that I'd gessoed and painted and stamped, but nothing else. A couple of pages after that I have a picture of mom and a whole page of fabric samples (mostly from her stash) in colors she liked for the memory quilt I'm going to make. Other than that, there was no color, so I decided to try out some of mom's toys.

(Click on the photos to see details.)

Art Studio

Here is where I just jumped in. This page already had a light coating of gesso on it (something absolutely necessary for painting on newsprint pages), so that's what I used. The first thing I learned is that I don't really know how to use different color media, so this was all experimenting. She had some bottles of spray ink at the desk, so I sprayed magenta. Not exactly the way I wanted it to look, so I brushed some of it, then decided I liked the sprayed look and left some. Next I slapped on some green acrylic paint. Then I moved on to my sewing studio.

Art Studio

Saturday morning I went back and stared at it for a while. It didn't look pretty, but I've come to the realization that art doesn't have to be "pretty." I moved blindly ahead. First I tried a lighter green to lighten up the page. I learned that ink color still mixes even after it is dry. It created a dark orange spot, although it was already kind of brown from the original green paint mixed with the ink. Using a roller stamp, I tried to create a border with the same light green paint. That didn't work. I'll have to work on that technique. I put the flowery  tape on the left side. I'm not sure I like that. Then I saw the paint texture. I picked another stencil and used the texture. That took a while to dry so I went back to my sewing studio.

Art Studio

This morning I tried painting the stencil design. First I tried gel sticks. I have no idea how they work. I just made a mess where I tried them. Then I tried a marker, but I didn't like how that looked (though it might have been better if I hadn't used it on the messed up part). In the end, I decided to try a very light yellow-green. Then I couldn't find my stencil brushes. I ended up using a regular paint brush. I should have used white. I like it better unpainted. The paintbrush  worked well for the textured stencil design, but when I tried it in purple at the bottom, it spread under the stencil. I love how it interacted with ink, though I don't remember exactly how I did that part.

Art Studio
I spied the papers I had cut using one of mom's punches and decide to paste them on. Too dark, so I tried yellow paint to highlight them. The paint was more translucent than I expected, so I had to repeat. I especially like how the blending with the ink tied the cutouts to the rest of the page.

Art Studio
I painted a bird stamp and stamped the bottom left corner. That's my favorite part. It really looks prettier in real life than in the photo. I love how the color blended at the head. I'm definitely going to experiment with mixing ink and paint some more.

After that, I put some glue in some of the grooves created by the texture and sprinkled on some glitter. I'm done. I may change something later, but I doubt it. Over all I'm happy with it.

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