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Well, I am thankful! I started it in the fall of 2013. I got some leaf designs from Urban Threads and decided to do the hand stitching.

It took too long and they weren't done by that Thanksgiving. At some point, I decided I'd make them into a quilted tablecloth. I played around with the fat quarters I'd selected and came up with an idea of how I wanted them to go together. 

I have a lovely print that I thought would be enough for the back of the quilt. It turned out not to be large enough. When I was at the fabric store waiting to get a piece of fabric cut for something else, I saw another lovely print that I thought would work. I wasn't enough, either, but I thought it would look good with the other one. I should know I have no color memory. They did not look good together. I don't know if it was a good idea or a bad one, but I then decided I'd simply use felt as the backing and have no batting.

Everything was going along just fine until I got to the quilting part. I have a stitch on my machine that I wanted to use. It's called an omni-stitch because it moves all over the place like embroidery stitches, but without the constraint of a hoop. Hoops are my friends. Keeping an omni-stitch aligned is a little more than I am able to do at this point.  I ended up using a quilting stitch for most of it, but still wanted to use the omni-stitch for around the  hand stitched blocks. Thanksgiving 2014 came and went. ::sigh:: 

While trying to clean up the sewing studio, I decided to finish it. I pulled it out today. The omni-stitch still proved too difficult for me, so I finally gave up on it. I found a similar (though much smaller) stitch in the machine and used that. It had some issues, too (though I suppose it's I who has the issues), but I wasn't going to do any more frogging. Picking out machine stitches is hard on the eyes and on the back.

Then there was the issue of the edge. I had some binding that was a perfect match, but again, there was not enough of it. I was playing with my serger this week and remembered how to do the rolled hem. I played with a scrap for a bit and figured out what threads to use. There was some stop and start because the serger is picky about the threads being in exactly the right  place. But once I finally figured out what was wrong and got the threads where they belonged, it zipped right along.

It's not perfect, by any means, but overall, I'm happy with it. And very thankful that it's done! I think it will look cozy on the table next fall.

All I need to do now is wash it. Ruby seemed to think it was for her and  slept on it when it was on the table. (That kitty thinks she owns my sewing studio!)

This is the whole quilt/tablecloth.

One of two hand stitched blocks of this design.

One of two hand stitched blocks of this second design.

The felt backing.

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Comment from: Liz [Visitor]

I love the fall colors and the swirls on those leaves!

02/20/15 @ 15:16
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