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Resolutions? Me?


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Resolutions? Me?

I'm horrible at resolutions. As a result, I rarely make any. This year is no different. On the other hand, I do like to make some kind of plans, to have some path and destination.   (Long, wordy post follows.)

Of course one of the things I really want to do this year is to accomplish something in my studio. I have a great space. I have plenty of materials. Now's the time to use that. I hope to keep my camera with me in the studio, so that I can document whatever project I might be working and have at least a once a week post on what's going on in the studio.

Something I saw on Facebook today is something else I would like to try to do. That was to take a picture of something for which I'm grateful each day. I'm not sure if I'll always take the picture, but I am going to make a jar and put in a written note of something for which I'm grateful each day, and on those days when I can, I will take a picture and put it in  the jar. I usually don't print out pictures all that often.

Caatje was saying that she found organizing her time too rigidly didn't work for her. I've never been able to accomplish that. So I can't say that I would not like the idea of actually having set times to do certain things and actually finishing them. I want to try again to make a non-rigid schedule. It didn't work last time, but maybe it will this time. We'll see how that works

Some of what I want to accomplish this year involves this blog. I have been very lax with this blog in the past year or so. I would like to get myself organized so that I post something on a regular basis -- minimally every week, but it would be nice if I could do more than that. Each week , if TAST  continues, I would like to do that more regularly. I generally follow it and do the stitching. I don't always post what I've done. That's what I would like to be better at.

Since this blog isn't devoted only to needlework. I would also like to post a book review whenever I finish a book. It might be short, or it might be a little more involved. I'm not going to worry about it.

I also feel the urge to do a little more creative writing. Not sure where this comes from. Every time I think I get it out of my system, it's back again later. I do not have the drive or the discipline to be a real writer, but I definitely have a sense of story that I need to express on a fairly regular basis. I'm not sure how I will do this, but we'll see.

Besides trying to be more regular in posting here, what I would like to do is go through it to correct the broken links and make it a little more organized so that if anybody's interested in anything they can find it (so that I can find it on too). I had to go through several things today to rediscover my list of unread books. I was very disappointed to see that I have not blogged anything in that page since 2009. I have done a lot of reading since then.

On a personal level, I need to get out and walk, or get on the treadmill. I'm doing a little better than I was, but not enough. My goal is to work on also dealing with sleep issues right now. We are working on figuring out if it is a medication or a CPAP machine issue, but I am tired all the time.  "Should" is a horrible word, sometimes.

I just reread everything that I spoke. Dragon does a pretty decent job, but  some of it was hysterical. I still need to learn to pronounce a little bit better into this microphone. There are couple lines up there at that as I reread, I do not have a clue what it was I was trying to say. Not a clue! Obviously I'm not enunciating everything clearly enough for Dragon.

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Comment from: Isabelle [Visitor]

I wish you an happy new year 2014.

01/05/14 @ 12:38
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