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New Studio Journal


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New Studio Journal

I started out with an old wallpaper book I got from my local Sherwin Williams store.



I carefully took out all the nails, screws, and staples. Between some of the pages were these dense cardboard strips. I did my best to save all these thinking they might come in handy later. They put these books together to stay.


It was worth it, though. The book I got has some pretty papers in it.

In my recycle box I had a cardboard that had wrapped around something. It was the right size for a journal. An individual page from the wallpaper book would not be enough to cover the whole journal. But this was a wallpaper book! The papers were coordinated. I chose a heart and vine border and it's coordinating larger paper with a vine running through it.

I'm not sure why, but I wanted a title on the journal. Of course there was nothing in the wallpaper for that. I fussy-cut a heart from one of the borders and scanned it. Then I opened it in my GIMP. I selected the color of the heart and used it to create the words ?Studio Journal.? Then I fussy-cut the letters. All of that was glued to the front.

When I moved, I kept all the packing paper. Sometime earlier this year I had made these signatures. I decided to use these for the journal. This is where those cardboard strips came in handy. I stitched the signatures together and ran the threads through one of those strips. At this point I was stuck. I didn't work on this all summer. (I had done all this in May.)

This month I started cleaning my sewing studio. The journal was sitting unfinished there. I had bought some duct tape in a shade of red, but it turned out to be too bright. When I was at the craft store the other day I saw a package of seam binding that was the perfect color. That was the spur I needed.

I didn't like plain cardboard on the inside front of the journal, so I selected another coordinating paper and pasted that in.

Starting at the bottom of the spine of the journal, I wrapped him binding all around entire cover. First I pinned it on, using straight pins into the cardboard. Then I glued it on. I mitered the corners with glue.

(This image was taken before I glued the inside of the seam binding.)

Next, I made two holes in the spine for the signatures. I put glue on the back of the cardboard strip and ran the threads through the holes and tied them on the outside of the spine.

On the back inside cover I pasted to a 9 x 12 envelopes. The first one I left full-size. The other I cut about three quarters of its size, leaving a flap. These will be for tools and loose papers.

I could have left it at that, but since I had that little flap at the open edge, I decided I wanted a closure. I had hoped I would find a button. What I found instead was a tile heart in the right color. I laced it with red thread connected it with the button on the opposite side. I used two matching buttons on the flap and pulled threads through them.

Voilą! A new Studio Journal.

I have about three pages left in the old journal. The first page in this journal is already done, since I was playing with that when I made the signatures. I thought it was a good first page, so I left it.

Now I need to get back to work clean up more of my sewing studio. I have lots of unfinished projects.

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Comment from: Marilyn Brown [Visitor]
Marilyn Brown

This is an amazing journal. Your projects are always so interesting. Love the final results.

10/07/13 @ 06:20
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