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I'm back? sort of


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I'm back? sort of

The sewing studio is still not really cleaned. I don't expect it to be anytime soon.

My helpers aren't really that much help.

(WOW! She could compete with Grumpy Cat here!)

However, if I wait for it to be cleaned I will never get anything else done.

Since July, when we started the bathroom remodel, I have not been doing a lot of stitching, by machine or by hand.  In September I didn't do very much stitching at all.  Toward the end of the month it started to get to me, so I took an Urban Threads design and started and autumn tablecloth. Sometimes hand stitching takes a lot longer than I expect it to. I have not quite finished one of four panels. I will show that later.

At the end of August I went to the fair and besides looking at all the needlework there (they had art quilts this year!) I purchased some cleaning cloths. These are the super absorbent type cloths ( one brand is Sham Wow, but these are something else.) I took one of them and cut into eight pieces I intend to use these as dishcloths. Personally, I think the orange is ugly. Although my kitchen is a peachy or terra-cotta color they don't look that great in it. I wanted to do something to make them a little more cheery. What I did was take an Artistic Thread Works redwork design set and used that. This is what it looks like.

I love how quickly machine embroidery goes.

This past Sunday night my sister taught me to crochet. (I knew the basic chain, but really don't know how to make anything yet.) I still can't say that I really know how to crochet, but I had fun playing with the stitching. My goal was to understand how each stitch works. Just doing it doesn't really help me understand enough. Even though I was trying very hard to be careful, the first piece I worked on kept getting wider. Since I couldn't figure out why, I started something different. This time, instead of fuzzy yarn, I chose crochet thread and a smaller hook. I just crocheted without thinking of what I might be making at first. Then I tried to direct where I was going with it. I think I learned more about how the stitches work with this than I did with the other piece, although I needed to do that before I could have gotten to this point. This is what I made.

I need to catch up on TAST, and I have a long list of projects I will be working on besides the autumn tablecloth.

I'm also trying to use my Dragon program to do these posts. My hope is that if I use this enough, I will be able to do posts more quickly and therefore keep up with this blog. We'll see how this works. It still has a way to go.

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Comment from: Liz Ozselcuk [Visitor]
Liz Ozselcuk

Good to see you blogging again. Love your mosaic at the top! Also it looks like your first crochet project is a kind of Irish crochet, which is really cool stuff. Keep up the experimentation, most cool….I’m so tied up in my other classes right now I probably won’t blog for the next couple of months. :-(

10/03/13 @ 13:38
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