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A Whole Bunch of TAST! (Catching Up)


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A Whole Bunch of TAST! (Catching Up)

I'm not sure what happened to February and March! I was going to be more regular about posting and Poof! I don't post for two months. Oh, well... I'm back!

Despite not posting, I have been doing stuff. This post is my TAST catch up. Lots of pictures follow.

What did I last show? I didn't think I was that far behind! I have been doing the stitches, though often no more than a simple line of them. For my own records, I'm going to do a little catch up here and include links to all the stitches I did post as well as adding photos of those I didn't. The name of each stitch is a link that will take you to PinTangle where Sharon has posted the stitch--and where you can see (in the comments) what others are doing with that stitch. My photos will take you to my Flickr site (and larger versions if you need to see closer).

WOW!  I really haven't kept up with posting these stitches! Well, I'm going to catch up now.


Stitch 60: Diamond Stitch =
Diamond Stitch
I had so much fun with this stitch! First I did an almost normal row in perle 8. I elongated some of them to see how that would look. Then I wondered if they could be side by side rather than above and below each other. That's in the tan/peach perle 8 and green knitting yarn. I like how it looks, except for the knitting yarn, which I think would be better if they were larger.  I think it would be a good seam treatment. Then I wondered about circling it.  I had to adjust how I did the two sides, since the outer side/circle is longer than the inner side. I think it looks better with more, shorter stitches. For the variegated orange flower I put the thread down for the last part of each stitch into the center. I like how that looks, too. The two dark flowers are done with the side by side stitches. The one on the left has the open side out. It's OK. The one on the right has the closed side out an all the legs go into the center. It takes away the X shape, but I like how this looks. What also will make this better is getting more control of the tension of the cross thread between the knots.  I like it better when it's loose enough to make a V shape. This last one is a thread eater, though. The stems are Breton stitch. That's French knots in the center of the lavender one.

Stitch 59: Breton Stitch =
Breton Stitch
"Trees" was the first thing I thought of when I saw this stitch. I have lots of ideas, but didn't have time to work on it much. Perle 5  tree trunks and single stranded floss leaves.

Stitch 58Woven detached chain stitch =
Woven Detached Chain
Red leaves, or buds, in woven detached chain stitch. The stems are sailor's edge. Some of the leaves on the trees are woven; others are plain detached chain.

Stitch 57: Sailors edge =
Stitch 56Sailors Stitch =
Sailor Stitch & Edge
Simple rows. I like sailor's edge better than sailor stitch--just because it seemed a bit easier. Also, I didn't have any "instant" ideas, so it was just a stitch as I worked it. The top and bottom rows are perle 8. The middle row is candlewicking thread.

Stitch 55Buttonholed Herringbone =
Buttonholed Herringbone
Different forms of herringbone, buttonholed. I want to work on the squared herringbone, buttonholed, more. I like how it looks, but want to finesse the corners. French knots are in the center of the square. The deep herringbone looked too plain/bare so I added French knots in a knitting ribbon. The rest is perle 8.

Stitch 54Laced Square Herringbone =
Stitch 53Herringbone square =
Laced Square Herringbone
I didn't do any plain herringbone squares. Some are laced through the fabric and some aren't. I like the ones that aren't better. Perle 8 and narrow ribbon. I really like the ribbon. Gotta do more of these.

Stitch 52Triangular Feather Stitch =
Triangular Feather Stitch
The first thing I saw in my mind, when I saw this stitch, was the bird. It didn't come out exactly as I imagined, but he was fun to stitch. I hope to get back to this stitch again and see if I can come closer to my imagination. It's all perle 8.

Stitch 51Raised Herringbone band =
Raised Herringbone Band
The bar was done with ivory crochet thread. The herringbone is yellow perle 8. It's laced with eyelash yarn.

Stitch 50Inverted Feather Stitch =
Inverted Feather Stitch,  Knotted Cable Chain
The orange at the bottom is the inverted feather stitch in perle 5. (More below at stitch 48.)

Stitch 49Knotted Feather Stitch =
Knotted Feather
Simply knotted fly in perle 8 and then in Madeira silver metallic. Silver beads were added for more sparkle. (I still needed to erase the circle I used for a guide when this photo was taken.)

Stitch 48Knotted Cable Chain stitch =
Inverted Feather Stitch,  Knotted Cable Chain
Knotted cable chain is red, blue and green. The dark green is perle 5. The rest is perle 8.
The top part of this is some experimenting I was doing during Christmas non-TAST days I made a(n incomplete) tree branch with chain stitch. I tried making evergreen needles with drizzle stitch.  Some of the drizzles are in  metallic (2 kinds) and a holographic thread. I was trying to capture the idea of ice.  The cones are elongated oyster stitches. I'm undecided about whether I like it or not.

Stitch 47Berry Stitch =
Berry Stitch
I actually did not finish this on the date I stitched. Too sad. I think I got back to it in January. The red garlands are the berry stitch. (I was going for strung cranberries.) I think the silver is cable chain. (It's tiny and hard to see.)  The tree is arrow stitch. There are also French knots and beads. Threads are pearl 8 and Madeira  silver metallic.

Stitch 46: Buttonhole Eyelet Flower = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/12/07/christmas-chaos

Stitch 45Arrow or Arrowhead Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/12/07/christmas-chaos

Stitch 44Portuguese Border Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/12/07/christmas-chaos

Stitch 43Magic Chain = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/12/07/christmas-chaos

Stitch 42Open Base Needlewoven Picot = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/12/07/christmas-chaos

Stitch 41Closed Base Needlewoven Picot = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/11/03/a-bit-of-tast & http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/12/07/christmas-chaos
Somehow I forgot to include this little bit. I believe I added it after I made the post. (Sorry it's so blurry. It's about thumbnail sized.)
Open and Closed Base Needlewoven Picot
His body is a bullion stitch perle 8 (all the blue is the perle 8). His head a French knot with a tiny French knot eye in perle 12. His beak is an itty bitty bullion knot (I think) with machine embroidery thread, on the head knot, not on the fabric..  The wings, attached to the body, not the fabric, are closed woven picots. The tail is two open woven picots, connected by weaving the edge of the second into the first, starting not quite halfway down.

Stitch 40Buttonhole Wheel cup = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/11/03/a-bit-of-tast

Stitch 39Italian Border stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/11/03/a-bit-of-tast

Stitch 38Knotted loop stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/10/24/work-in-progress-wednesday-again

Stitch 37Beaded Hedebo Edge = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/10/24/work-in-progress-wednesday-again

Stitch 36Knotted buttonhole =http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up

Stitch 35Drizzle stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/11/03/a-bit-of-tast

Stitch 34Pistil stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/10/24/work-in-progress-wednesday-again

Stitch 33Sheaf stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/08/30/take-a-stitch-tuesday-week

Stitch 32Linked Double Chain = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/08/25/this-week

Stitch 31Pekinese Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/08/17/tast-week-33-pekinese-stitch & http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/08/25/this-week

Stitch 30Cast on stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/08/12/tast-week-32-with-a

Stitch 29Algerian Eye stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/08/04/tast-week-31 & http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/08/12/tast-week-32-with-a

Stitch 28Oyster Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up

Stitch 27Basque stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up & http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up

Stitch 26Up and Down Buttonhole stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up

Stitch 25Bonnet stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up & http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up

Stitch 24Palestrina stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up

Stitch 23Cable Chain Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/06/24/another-tast-catch-up-sort  &  http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up

Stitch 22Buttonhole Wheel = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/06/24/another-tast-catch-up-sort

Stitch 21Knotted Cretan =  http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/29/tast-oyster-stitch-catch-up

Stitch 20Butterfly Chain = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/05/26/tast-catch-up

Stitch 19Bullion Knot = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/05/26/tast-catch-up

Stitch 18Half Chevron = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/05/16/tast-half-chevron

Stitch 17Crossed buttonhole = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/05/05/tast-crossed-buttonhole-1

Stitch 16Wheatear stitch = I don't find this one anywhere. Odd, since I don't remember skipping a week.

Stitch 15French Knot = I don't see a post or anything in my samplers that is dedicated to French Knots, but they are everywhere because I enjoy doing them.

Stitch 14Stem Stitch = I don't see a post or anything in my samplers that is dedicated to stem stitch, but it's another one I use a lot.

Stitch 13Satin Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/04/07/tast-week-14-satin-stitch

Stitch 12Barred and Alternating barred chain = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/03/24/tast-barred-chain-and-alternating

Stitch 11Whipped Wheel = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/03/17/tast-whipped-wheels

Stitch 10Running Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/03/09/tast-catch-up-2

Stitch 9Couching = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/03/09/tast-catch-up-2

Stitch 8Chain Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/02/21/this-n-that-n-tast & http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/02/27/chain-stitch-and-what

Stitch 7Detached Chain Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/02/15/detached-chain-stitch-lazy-daisy

Stitch 6Chevron Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/02/09/chevron-stitch

Stitch 5Herringbone Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/02/01/herringbone

Stitch 4Cretan Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/01/29/cretan-stitch-more

Stitch 3Feather Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/01/22/tast-feather-stitch

Stitch 2Buttonhole Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/01/12/buttonhole-blanket-stitch

Stitch 1Fly Stitch = http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/01/06/flystitch

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Comment from: Isabelle [Visitor]

wow ! all the tast stitch in a whole article.
I especially love the blue bird.

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