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Christmas Chaos


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Christmas Chaos

Which is actually pretty normal for me. I keep trying to get organized (for the past 50+ years), but it never seems to stick for more than a day or two ... and I don't mean just for Christmas. I'll keep working on it because it scares me how bad it might be if I never tried!

Tree is up, but no decorations, yet. Hopefully, this weekend. I've started to play my Christmas music to get me in the proper mood. I got a new Steampunk Christmas album and I really love it, but I also love all the old songs and renditions, too.

This is  the only time I really miss snow. What I remember from my childhood (teens)  is shopping (on foot, no car) in the snow. It was always peaceful to come out of the store to the sounds of  Christmas in the snowy twilight (or night). I miss that. But I hope to do much of my shopping right here in Salem so I can walk from store to store and keep the driving to a minimum.

On to projects...

I finished the Taj Mahal quilt. Perhaps it could use more stitching, but it's not going to happen ... unless I think of something specific I want to add later. Meanwhile, Iqbal is using it in the living room. I started this quilt in  about 1981. I didn't really know what I was doing. I simply lay the panel on batting ad a background fabric and folded the background to the front. I didn't know to bast or pin for this step. I did bast it to quilt. I got the Taj quilted, but then my son was born and we moved and I packed it away. I took it out over the years but was daunted. This fall I decided to finish it (Thank you. Sharon!) and I did what I could to deal with the uneven layers. It's wrinkly, but both my husband and I like it, anyway. AND IT'S DONE!!

This is the front.
Taj Mahal Quilt


This is the back.
Taj Mahal Quilt
The problems show even more here than on the front, but it really doesn't look bad in real life... just very wrinkly.

I thought this was a rather clever way to hang large items.
I'm using the curtains over the door. I have no wall space at all in  my studio.


I've kept up with TAST, but just barely.

I went back and added closed base needlewoven picot to the tree because I did open based  when I meant to do closed. (I guess that's partly because I'm watching TV as I stitch, often. Also just not thinking.) The magic chain came next. I had no plan, just stitched.  I think those are obvious.  There's also a green Portuguese border stitch and a red and yellow one.  I filled in (somewhat) with red and yellow arrow stitches. At the bottom is this weeks stitch, buttonhole eyelet. I think I made the bullion part in the flowers a bit large. They are flopping the wrong way. Either that or the way I'm wrapping it backwards. Mainly just the top bullion, but a little on the others, too. My favorite is the caterpillar. He's not quite finished--maybe tonight. I love it when I see something as soon as I learn what the stitch is. :D  You can find more buttonhole eyelet at Pin Tangle.



Lately I've preferred reading over stitching. It's been relaxing. I need to write some book reviews. I never do that as well as I want to, so I keep putting it off. Then it becomes harder because I don't have the book in mind as clearly. I can be very logical. I'm just not, too often. I hope to have a few reviews done soon after the new year, if not sooner.

I missed the last BOM meeting at the Quilted Forest. I need to get over there and get my package so I get to the next one. I'm all caught up on what I have with that.

I've started (barely) some Christmas stitching. I'll try to remember to get photos, but I won't show them until after Christmas.


Comment from: sharon b [Visitor]
sharon b

Sounds to me like a buys and productive time - all the best for you and yours over the holiday season and thanks for being a regular reader

12/08/12 @ 11:44
Comment from: queeniepatch [Visitor]

Yes, isn’t it fun when you see a stitch and immediately know what to make with it. I love your caterpillar, and your Taj Mahal quilt is great. Nice feeling to have completed it, eh!

12/08/12 @ 14:58
Comment from: Isabelle [Visitor]

your quilt is really beautiful ! I like it !

12/11/12 @ 07:06
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