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Another Project


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Another Project

...Which I need like a hole in the head, but... I was thinking about that as I worked. I'm going to chalk it up to ADD.  I just can't get the physical project done as fast as I'd like and I sort of get bored. Eventually I get things done. Those on which I get stumped are done later. Those that are easy and/or short get done sooner.

Anyway, on to the photos...

My photos aren't great because I took them when I finished for the day... at about 8 p.m.

This is where I started the physical project after playing around with GIMP.  (The pink with yellow flower drawn  on the right is unrelated--something I did earlier.)
I printed the elements I wanted and looked for the fabric to use.

Here's a better view of the inspiration. 
I say inspiration, because I am not going to copy the digital image exactly. I made this as a Facebook header and I couldn't duplicate it exactly, anyway, But I didn't really want to because I don't want this shape.

My background is from a fat quarter of quilting cotton.
Background fabric

I wanted it more blue and watery looking, so I overlayed it with a sheer fabric. Jo-Ann's called this tulle, but it isn't like tulle as I know it. Perhaps it's because it's so fine, or perhaps it's mislabeled.
Background and sheer

I layered them over some batting and, using a variegated metallic machine embroidery thread, I used the machine to free stitch over some of the swirls in the cotton design.
Background quilt

Then I cut out the flowers and leaves. I figured it would be easiest to simply lay the flower over the leaf shapes, padding each with felt. The edges are raggedy, but I'd smooth them out when I stitch them.
Star flowers

I'm not really sure I like how this looks, though. This isn't layed out perfectly and embroidery will enhance it, but...  It's kind of blah, so I'll be experimenting more.
First star I see tonight...

Some of the flowers will be under water.
Still water

I may ruche the tulle for the water effect. It's just folded here to give me an idea.

This photo did not come out as well as I'd hoped. I may make each petal separately. A rectangle  folded and stitched on one side adjacent to the fold, them opened into a triangle and gathered at the hypotenuse which would be the center of the flower. I like how the gathers look. Better to me than the flat petal.
Testing ...

This photo was just to show how the color of the cotton (a bluish green) became more blue with the sheer tulle over it.  (The blue actually is both the dark shade below and the light above--depending on how the light hits it.)
Background next to journal page
The gold in the cotton is a bit sparkly, but the whole thing is sparkly now, with the tulle over it.

If you look in the first photo, I have two other lacy materials (gold & turquoise). I'm not sure how or if I will use them. I know I will be embroidering the designs on the top of the flower, although I wouldn't want to bet  that they will be exactly as in the digital image.


I'll probably be playing with that flower, and the leaves (although I think I'll leave those flat), for a while. Then I hope to complete this rather quickly. {Famous Last Words}

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Comment from: Liz Ozselcuk [Visitor]
Liz Ozselcuk

I love it….the colors, the concept and the way you are explaining it and examining it as you go along. I love the fact that you are breaking through the barrier between concept and actual project. I know what you mean about setting things aside (but still eventually getting through them); all things happen in their own time. I’ve been keeping lists of things to do in a tiny little lined notebook. I never rip out the old stuff, just cross it off as it gets completed. Every week new projects come to mind, and now I can go back and see where the old project got dropped. It’s amazing how many ideas do get dropped, for quite practical reasons. But those that were worth doing, I will get back to them eventually, often with my idea refined and improved from the original one. It sounds like you do the same thing….

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