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Work in Progress Wednesday


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Work in Progress Wednesday

There has been  very little needlework progress this week, or for the last few weeks, either.  My main progress has been getting my kitchen redone.

I have new-to-me cupboards and a brand new gas stove/oven to add to my new refrigerator and dishwasher. New cupboards meant new counters and a new configuration for the kitchen. It seems roomier and is definitely brighter!

This is what the kitchen was when we moved in.

old kitchen

This is the old kitchen, after we painted and added the pantry.

previous kitchen

My work in progress for the last month+ is reflected in this photo

This week specifically, the lights were installed and I did some patching.

I'm also working on Mom's room. We ripped up the old carpet and I painted the floor with Kilz stainblocker. Everything in her room is stacked in the family room! Tomorrow the carpet guy will put in her carpeting. I'll have photos of this later.

I have done some work with embroidery, but it has not been handwork and it hasn't even been the embroidery. In anticipation of making an Indian themed crazy quilt, and taking into account how long it would take to do it 100% handwork (It's always longer than it takes anyone else!), I have been digitizing some Indian henna tattoo art.  It's a learning process for me, since I haven't done much digitizing.

These are screenshots from the digitizing program. They still need to be tweaked to fill in gaps and such, but it gives a general idea of how they will stitch out.

For others interested in the designs, for hand or machine embroidery (or other artistic pursuits), they come from the book Mehndi Tattoo Flash CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art) from Dover Publications.

Other Needlework


For more needlework WIPW posts check out Sharon B's blog, PinTangle.


Comment from: Elizabeth Braun [Visitor]
Elizabeth Braun

Hi! Thanks for your comments on my blog. Looks like your kitchen is you major WIP at the mo. It’s really upsetting when any room is out of action, but the kitchen is the worst, isn’t it?

Don’t worry about the number photo on Blogger. You can input anything in that section and it will be OK. The scrambled letters you have to put in correctly, but the photo, nah!

I too joined up at Smile, then I realised that a) it’s only free for a couple of months, then they want money for it (forget that!) and b) there doesn’t seem to be an album function. So, overall ‘fail’ for Smile!!!

10/11/12 @ 00:50
Comment from: Liz Ozselcuk [Visitor]
Liz Ozselcuk

sweet! I especially love the purple and gold one. Paisley patterns are always so inviting and fun looking.

10/11/12 @ 06:20
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