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This Week -- TAST 34, WIPs, etc.


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This Week -- TAST 34, WIPs, etc.


Unfortunately, I'm not consistent or regular about things. I think the only thing anyone can count on from me is that I'll stay up too late at night. As a result this is  a TAST, WIPW and anything else post.

Last week, after I posted my Pekinese stitch, I was looking at others' posts and realized I had not done the stitch correctly. I don't know why. I've done it many times before. I think the reason is because I did the tighter, closed version and couldn't see the loops. Then again, maybe it's just a different version. Personally, I don't believe there are any wrong stitches. As long as it looks the way I want it to, or I like how it looks, it's good

On to the pictures!


Pekinese stitch - week 33, continued...

This is what I discovered I had done:

stitch sample

It's still basically the same stitch, but I got thinking about it and why does it have to be a running or back stitch that the loops go through? So, I did some more stitching.

Pekinese stitch heart and flower

First I stitched the heart in a chain stitch in light pink, then I did my "wrong" Pekinese stitch in deep pink. Then I did the right Pekinese stitch over the dark pink with the pink metallinc thread. I think it would be prettier with a loopier stitch, so it looks more lacy. Next time.

The flower is a buttonhole wheel with the outside edge done in Pekinese. I tried to keep these a bit more loopy and I did two rows, the second through the outer edge of the first. The leaves are closed feather stitch. The cat is  stem stitch with French knot and straight stitch eyes, straight stitch whiskers, satin stitch nose and back stitch mouth.  The pattern is from one by Hudson's Holidays, slightly adapted.

Detached Pekinese
The line above the heart was done first with perle 5 (or maybe that's a crochet thread)  in chain stitch. I did the Pekinese in green perle 8. Then I did another Pekinese through the bottom of the first one (using perle 8 dark pink), and another row through the bottom of that in the green again. The only stitch that goes through the fabric is the chain stitch. I found this a lot easier to do than detached buttonhole, which I always seem to confuse what thread I'm supposed to be stitching through.

This is basically the same as above, but I started with a backstitch.

Linked double chain - week 34

Then Monday came and it was Tuesday in Australia, so I got the new stitch. This one was totally new to me.  I kept seeing forks. I decided to spend my evening  just playing with it and this is what I did:
Random Linked Double Chain
It's all totally random. I see a spot where I opened it up, which gives me some new ideas. Everything there is perle 8 except: off white is perle 12, white is crochet cotton, and the gray is sock yarn. I had fun doing this and I rather like the look of it. It reminds me of quilt stippling.

I didn't get back to this until Friday. :??: When I picked up my needle again I wasn't remembering how to do the stitch ecaxtly. Rather than be frustrated, and too lazy to go look up Sharon's instructions again, I just stitched.

Linked Double Chain Variations

I had fun! First I did the branch second from the right. I used two shades of crewel wool and tried using magic chain. One of the things I was not remembering was to start the new stitches within the previous one. I just kept remembering the fork at the end, I guess. This wasn't what I was hoping (kind of "Duh! " after I did it), but it does make an interesting stitch. I added French knots in two strands of blue variegated floss.

Forth from the right was next. In this one I did the chain stitch using the same dark crewel yarn, but added the extra link open on alternate sides. I filled those "forks" with perle 8 oyster stitches.

By then I realized I wasn't doing the stitch right and I looked more closely at what I had done. Nada, so I got off my backside and looked it up again on Pintangle. Then I started the third branch from the right. I intentionally left the first three doubles open and  then completed it properly. This is the light crewel yarn with perle 8 French knots.

I didnt feel like I had the hang of it yet, so I did the branch to the left. Not too bad.

Next, I moved to the top and did the pale blue perle 12 row. About two thirds from the right I was still dissatisfied with the unevenness of the double part of the chain. Not sure what the insight was to triple it, but I do like the triple better than the double. At this point I decided the whole point of TAST is to experiment, so the tripling is OK.

I did the first branch on the right at that point and rather than anchoring the single link through the center or two outer links of the triple, I did them on alternate sides. I used green wicking thread. With two strands of variegated yellow floss, I stitched a buttonhole trio opposite each triple link of the chain.

I did a column of dark pink perle 5 linked triple chain stitches with three single links on top. That was to separate the branches with what those triple links kept reminding me of! But I did the cone in linked double chain, using the unevenness to advantage. The ice cream is  all random chain stitch -- sometimes double, sometimes just plain wonky. This one is in craft thread (5 perle size).

All in all, I had a great time with this stitch and the variations. Check out Sharon B's Pintangle for more exapmles and experimentation.


I did a bit more on the Taj Mahal quilt.

WIP -- Taj Mahal WIP -- Taj Mahal

This is so wonky, that I had to take out some stitches to keep the puckering on the back even.


I managed to get one bench oiled. It took the whole can of oil!!! And it still needs more.

It's not much to look at.
Garden Bench
I was disappointed that it darkened as much as it did. Not just dark wood, but black/gray on some of it. Although I washed and sanded it, it looks dirty again.  Today I will get more oil (a larger can) and redo it and do the other benches. Then I need to paint the metal parts of the others. Green? Black? I can't decide.


I spent way too much time downloading free patterns this week -- both hand and machine embroidery and some quilt and miscellaneous patters, as well. It got me to get a bit more in the sewing studio organized. Still much to go.

I LOVE roasted vegetables!!!

My brother will be here a week from tomorrow to install the cupboards in the kitchen and bath (starting Monday). If we have time, we'll try to get some other things done as well. Top of the "Other things"  list is getting the carpet out of Mon's room and getting the floor leveled, as much as possible, and painted and moving her back in. She'll be staying with my sister while MIchael's here, so it'll be a good time to do it. We should have a room rug for her to use by then, too.


Comment from: Isabelle [Visitor]

wow, your cat is so cute. what a work. it is beautiful

08/26/12 @ 12:08
Comment from: Julie [Visitor]

I can hardly believe how you have filled in this piece!!! It is such a thing of beauty!!! Great stitches, all the way around!
xoxo- Julie

08/29/12 @ 22:47
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