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TAST - Week 33 - Pekinese stitch


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TAST - Week 33 - Pekinese stitch

Pekinese stitch has been one of my favorite stitches since I "discovered" embroidery in 2009. I knew only one way to do it (single row of backstitch and very loopy), though, so I was delighted to see some variations on this weeks TAST post on PinTangle.

I had Art Deco in mind when I did this, but, as usual, I was eager to start and didn't look up any specific pattern. I made this up as I went. I like this, but next time I'll look up a traditional Art Deco pattern if that's the look I go for.


TAST - Week 33 - Pekinese stitch
It needs pressing, but the tension is actually pretty good on this, despite the way it looks in this photo.

TAST - Week 33 - Pekinese stitch
I like how the thread made opposite color directions in the two mounds.

TAST - Week 33 - Pekinese stitch
This is the center "bump" on each side. (Well, it's just one side, but both sides have the same pattern of back stitches.)

TAST - Week 33 - Pekinese stitch
This is the top bump. my uneven back stitches show up most here and some pink is peeking through them.

TAST - Week 33 - Pekinese stitch
Oopsie! I mis-counted on one of the four, non-center, side bumps and then didn't make sure I had the same color when I "corrected" my counting.

I'm not going to win "Most Beautiful Stitching," but it definitely has proof of being hand done. :DD

The green thread is perle 8 and the pink is perle 5. I think I would have preferred the sizes to be reversed, but maybe not. I keep vacillating about it.

I may do something else with this stitch before next Tuesday.

Go check out PinTangle to see what others are doing with this stitch.


Comment from: Kathy [Visitor]

Nice work! I love the bumps.

08/18/12 @ 05:02
Comment from: Crazyqstitcher [Visitor]

This is wonderful. I like the bumps too.
I hope to see what you add to the center.

08/18/12 @ 14:45
Comment from: laurel [Visitor]

This is really interesting. I like it!

08/18/12 @ 15:55
Comment from: Julie [Visitor]

This is so modern and fresh! The pink and green is beautiful together. It makes for a lovely outline…neat design! I just posted my attempt on my blog @ http://asucculentlife.blogspot.com/2012/08/tast-pekinese-stitch.html
Have a great day!

08/24/12 @ 07:20
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