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TAST Oyster Stitch & Catch UP


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TAST Oyster Stitch & Catch UP

Week 30 - Oyster Stitch

The first thing I thought of when I saw this week's stitch was ... well oysters. I thought I'd do this with a little pearl in the corner.

I ended up not doing that, though I still might. I got the fist two stitches done and immediately thought they looked like pussy willows, so I switched to a fuzzy thread for the oyster stitch.

Oyster Stitch Pussy Willows
The long stems are stem stitches and the short stems and bracts are straight stitches.

I've been busy with so many things and I don't multi task very well, so I didn't get a lot done with other stitches, but I did try to do at least a little bit of each.

Basque Stitch flower
This flower is basque stitch, except for the stem stitch stem. The grass is up and down buttonhole stitch.

Several TAST stitches
Cable chain is difficult for me for some reason, hence I did several rows of it. I'm still not happy with it. It simply doesn't look like any of the pictures of it. I seem to get more of a knot than  a tiny link between the larger chain links. There are also palestrina, up and down buttonhole basque, and bonnet stitches in the sample. I had a little fun mixing the bonnet and up and down buttonhole.

Several TAST stitches
I didn't know what to do with the knotted cretan stitch (white and green). In the gold I tried to do it every which way. I like it, but don't have an application for it. I also tried irregular buttonhole wheels. Irregularity tends to make the spokes stick out - or maybe that's just my tension. Originally the butterfly was supposed to be a bird, but I couldn't get the line of it right. (Probably should draw an outline first!) Since I got the butterfly chain stitch wrong the first time, I did some more. On the single strip you can see where I made the same error again. On the solid bit I tried to alternate the stitches picked up by the chain. Not sure if I like the results or not.

In progress
Haven't worked on this in a while, but I did add some whipped wheels. There will be more of them. And then... I'll have to look at the pattern.

Whipped Wheels (week 11)
Buttonhole Wheel (week 24)
Cable Chain Stitch (week 25)


Go take a look at PinTangle to see some gorgeous work with oyster stitch.


Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor]

Hi Faith! thank you for your comments and visiting my blog.
great work here! - the oyster stitching does look like soft gentle pussywillows. And you have done well with the catching up! I especially like the bird turned into butterfly :)

07/29/12 @ 20:58
Comment from: Debbie [Visitor]

It really does look like pussy willow, Faith! Great job.

07/30/12 @ 02:28
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