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Stitchy Chit Chat


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Stitchy Chit Chat

I'm going to get a new studio!!! Woohoo! It looks like it will be soon, too. Work may be starting this weekend.

Current studio space, Disaster in the middle of the family room.
This is where I am now. Smack dab in the middle of the family room.  To the upper right is the door to the garden. To the right is the sink and microwave my mom uses for snacks, lunches and sometimes dinner. From the foreground to the left is the path to Mom's room. Behind me, around the corner are the stairs. The cats and dog live in this room. (They're allowed upstairs, but are more restricted up there.) As you can see my table collects everything and more (often including cats). Since December I've acquired more stuff, but have not found a space for all of it, even though some of it (not seen in photo) is storage. My storage space includes a large cabinet in the laundry room and one behind me to the left as I photographed this, along with the closet behind me to the right. The unseen new storage is to the left of the path to Mom's room.

There will be other benefits to my getting my own space. Mom will have a sitting room instead of the cramped area that currently houses the sofa and TV and collected "stuff". There will be a small dining area for Mom to have lunch and to use for whatever (a table with 4 chairs). There will be room for the treadmill, thus freeing up the guest room to be a guest room.  The cats can have their climbing house back.  (Sorry, Mom.) There will even be enough room for a play area for my granddaughter. It'll be easier to keep clean. When I get my stuff out, I can finally change out the pink walls for green walls.

Studio to be, Garage storage will give way to a dedicated studio space!
Here's the new studio! Well, it's still a storage garage. (Hasn't held a car as long as we've owned it.) This photo doesn't show much, but honestly, no angle or view looks much different. Directly in front, beyond the "stuff" piled high is a window that opens and faces east. To the right (south) is the door which will be replaced by a sliding patio door. Let there be light!!  I made a floorplan. I can fit all my new storage cabinets, less the windowed one in the top photo, plus the one "behind, to the left" in the above photo, the one in the laundry room and another (to be bought) one like it! I won't have any more space than I have now, but none of it will be passages to somewhere else, which means breathing room. Cats and dog can be banned, which means clear breathing room and nearly hairless projects. Mother and Husband will be there only to visit me as I work (no need otherwise). There is a storage area left, whose only access will be through the studio, but it's for infrequently used stuff, like Christmas decorations and luggage.  I'm psyched!

Picked up a book, today -- Adventures in Design, by Joen Wolfrom. I just finished Chapter 2 and decided I need to slow down! It's a class, and a very good one at that! Each main chapter has several exercises. I think I need to spend at least a week per chapter and do the exercises just as I would for the classes I've taken online. But even before I start the exercises, I can honestly say I have learned something and have lots to think about...

Which leads to my fairy quilt. I think it was April 2010 when I last did anything with that. I had an idea that I thought I could do with the machine embroiderer, so I came online to look it up. I learned that the machine can do what I want, but I can actually do it faster, and probably more interestingly, by hand. I found the embroidery world that is online and have found a new path. But I never forgot my fairy quilt. Everything I've learned in the embroidery world is helping me to develop it. Crazy Quilting is/will be a major influence, clarifying ideas I had at the beginning before I knew much about CQ. This new book is about design and quilting and what I've learned in the embroidery classes and in this book are all  coming together. I'm resisting (since it's after 3 a.m.) the urge to go pull it out of the drawer and see if what I've already done is actually working the way I want it to. I don't really want to start from scratch, but I suppose if it isn't working, better to redo now than later.

So that's a major item on the "First Projects in the New Studio" list. I have been working on a few small items and I want to get them finished, too.

I was in the Quilted Forest, so, of course, I got some fabric. I found some peacock fabric for my Indian quilt. Since it predominantly blue, I also picked up some filler fabrics that will tie it in with the purple and green I want for the major colors.  So now I have elephants and peacocks. Now I just need a design. That's what I will be doing this week in between cleaning out the garage, TAST, chickan lessons, Adventure in Design activities and some sketchbook flower sketches. I think that's enough. More than enough, probably. My studio journal is going to see quite a bit of activity.

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