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Sketchbook for March... So Far


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Sketchbook for March... So Far

This month's theme is flowers. I don't sketch every day. Maybe I should, but I try to avoid "should." It just gives me a headache and doesn't really make me do anything, except maybe dig in my heels. Flowers is an easy theme. Who (who draws) doesn't love to draw, doodle or sketch flowers... or sew or embroider or ??? them?

I have a gazillion photographs of flowers, mostly from my garden. There are even a few flowers blooming here in Oregon, now.  I didn't look at any of them. I just doodled.

This is the first one I did. I still had random doodling on my mind.

I didn't know what to draw (sketcher's block?). This is what came out.

Technically, this isn't in my sketchbook. It's on an envelope that will get mailed out tomorrow. Since it was already addressed, I put it into GIMP to erase the recipient. I don't think I did anything else to enhance this -- possibly correct the white balance, but no more. It's my favorite of this group.

What can I say? I like curlicues.

I'm pleased with myself for getting some dimensionality on these flowers. I don't like that the scanner picked up so much from the other side.

My memory is actually better than my drawing from it it. But this isn't too bad a rose for someone who has never considered herself an artist (in the drawing sense).

You can see that I was working out how to draw this kind of flower. Bottom left and farthest right seem to be the best, but are still not quite right. The leaves are dismal. I think I need to study leaves.

I know I'll do more. Perhaps I'll actually look at something then... maybe. At the The Sketchbook Challenge website Sue Bleiweiss talks about using paint and plastic wrap to make flowers. Since this is a technique I learned in Sharon's Studio Journal class and enjoyed, I might do this.  At the moment my sewing machines are difficult to access (whole 'nother blog post -- maybe), it's iffy that I'll get to use the embellisher or sewing machine to make flowers, but I'd like to. I'm sure I will do some flowers for TAST, too. That's kind of a "stitcher's sketchbook."

In the meantime, I'm playing around with what I've already done. I have turned all of these into several kaleidoscope pictures and when I'm done with this post I plan to see what else I can do with them in GIMP. Quite often I prefer GIMP to pencil or paint and paper.

Because I do so much in GIMP and a lot of it is with textile art in mind, I have printed out a lof of it for my studio journal. This often ends up just wasting paper and ink. I may (I hope!) get to some of it, but probably not all of it. Realizing my almost total lack of organization (or maintaining organization), I decided to create a digital sketchbook. I'm in process on that now. I will probably make at least some of it public, but since it's probably not the best idea to advertize every idea and potential project, most of it will be private. When it's ready, it'll be the link "Sketchbook" at the top of this blog. What it will contain are my digital creations. I hope that I will be able to offer some designs (much like Sharon's Freebie Friday embroidery designs, I hope). They will be linked in the sketchbook to Fancy's Images, where I have a bunch of my random and miscellaneous digital stuff free to others (and which needs some serious overhauling/updating).

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