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TAST Catch-Up


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TAST Catch-Up

Not that I'm actually caught up, but I did finish the brain scan.

Week 9 was couching. I didn't have as much time to stitch as I wanted. (I don't know why.  ??)

I recently saw a picture in National Geographic Magazine that I imediately thought of as a potential stitching project. When I pulled out my eyelash yarn I thought it might work. I posted the unfinished piece last week. Here it is finished:

Brain Scan

The buttonhole stitch I was originally using tended to keep the eyelash yarn flatter than I wanted, so when I filled in the rest of it, I simply used a catch stitch. I like Cretan stitch, but it was difficult to do around the beads, so I switched to Holbein stitch. My lack of planning shows. I simply started at the bottom and worked my way around. If I had stopped to think I would have done the top and bottom and then the sides and they would have matched better.  Despite that, I really like how it looks. (I mean the stitch, not my unbalanced border.)

I'd like to try this one again with another stitch. I'm thinking of a multi-strand floss and maybe turkey stitch. Also when I checked back at the actual photo of the scan, I see it didn't include the base of the brain (brain stem?) and my image did. I like the eyelash yarn and thought of some great uses for it in couching embroidery, but I'd like more control on the colors for this image. I think they actually mean something in the scan.

Another advantage of Holbein stitch is that it's a running stitch and fits TAST 10. Another combined TAST 9 and 10 is this:

Live Long and Prosper

Sometimes I just have to let my geekiness show. That's my hand. The outline is couched and the lines are running stitches. The words are chain stitch. I'd love to say I freehanded this one. I did freehand the words, but I had to draw my hand out. This is stitched on what I think is a double knit fabric. I'll have to ask my sister to be sure. It's a scrap fabric. The lines are machine embroidery thread. The words (which are actually dark green) are perle 8. The outline is a wonderful silky, soft yarn whose label I lost, so I have no idea.

Ying/Yan Paisleys

I actually did freehand this one, using variegated perle 8. This is the double knit again. Looks interesting in the closeup. The running stitch really looks good on it in real life, too.

This is the one that made me really appreciate the decorative usefulness of  running stitch. I mean, I knew before, but I'd never used it. Now, I want to try more. There's a space on the other sampler above the brain scan that will be perfect for a darning pattern. You can see a hint of the green chain stitch I used to outline the area. I've already outlined it, but didn't get started last night. I ended up washing the pencil marks off the fabric. I could do it without lines on a fabric like aida, but althought I could count on this fabric, it's small enough that it's tedious.  Hopefully I can get that at least started tonight. I'll figure out how when I sit down to it.


Comment from: Diane [Visitor]

Love your ying/yang in running stitch! The brain is lovely finished and I like your couched hand, too.

03/10/12 @ 07:57
Comment from: Isabelle [Visitor]

oh ! your brain scan is so … fluffy. And I like too your ying yang running stitch

03/11/12 @ 03:43
Comment from: Ranjana [Visitor]

The running stitch color combination is ggod…new pattern

03/17/12 @ 18:04
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