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This 'n' That 'n' TAST


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This 'n' That 'n' TAST

I spent the weekend (nights) stitching and finally finished the pattern I had at the top of my doodle/TAST sampler. I think I'd rather embroider than sleep.

Heres's what I did.

(Click for larger pictures.)

I just love this pattern!


The pattern is from http://broderieantan.canalblog.com/. She has lots of classic patterns she shares, but, if I understand correctly, she draws the Country Patterns (Modèles country) herself.

  • The variegated pink border is scroll stitch in perle 5.
  • The red spiral flower is stem stitch in two strands of floss.
  • The yellow flower is nested (concentric) detached chain stitch with French knots in the center in  perle 8.
  • The blue flower is overlapping and nested(concentric) detached chain in perle 5 (including the yellow center).
  • The stems  and leaf are chain stitch in candlewicking thread.
  • The mice are long and short stitch in two strands of floss, with pink stemstitch, also 2 strands of floss, and perle 12 French knots for the nose and eyes.
  • The grass is several rows of buttonhole stitch of varying, irregular lengths in the candlewicking thread.
  • The orange star is  buttonhole and detached buttonhole, done very randomly in perle 8.
  • The kitty (I love the kitty!) is a perle 5 variegated craft thread done in long and short stitch. The eyes  and nose are perle 5 French knots. The mouth (which I changed very slightly) is two strands of floss and I added perle 12 whiskers. The bow is a ribbon stitched in. The stitching her paws were stitched perpendicular to the body stitches and are outlined in perle 8 stem stitch.

I added the green curliecues to the top and left because I didn't get the pattern centered correctly. They are all chain stitch in a variegated perle 8.  I did these last night, and as I did them I was wondering what this week's stitch would be. Ha! I nailed it without even trying. I'll do some more this week anyway.

This is what the whole sampler looks like.

First TAST/Doodle sampler

My feather stitch tree looks lonely now. I might add something to that section.

I don't know about the bottom section where I was experimenting with Brazilian embroidery. I don't want to lop that section off,  but I don't really like how it looks. Maybe I'll just do some additional (though perhaps larger) flowers. Then I'll sew a backing fabric on and this will be done. It doesn't have all the TAST for this year, as I have also been working on some aida and plain counted cotton.

This is another example of chainstitch (along with a whole lot of other stitches). CQ Block

Can you tell I like curlicues?!  Actually, I just love embroidery. The more texture and dimension, the better. I need only tiny bits of calm (smooth, clear) space. Although, I love something like Picasso's Flower Bouquet, too. This block is hanging on my bulitin board while I think about how I want to use it. I had originally planned it to be a notebook cover, but it's too dimentional -- with the buttons, sequins, ribbon flowers, beads and bullion roses -- to be functional. HoneyBear really likes it, so I may simply make a frame  (it's odd sized for purchasing a frame) and let it hang in his office... or maybe the living room. It matches the quilt on the wall in there.

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Comment from: Embroidery Designs [Visitor]
Embroidery Designs

Nice mix and match of design.

02/22/12 @ 03:04
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