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Journal Decoration


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Journal Decoration

A couple of the blogs I read have a lot about creating art journals.  I have kept a journal for most of my life, though I'm not at all regular about writing. It's not quite the lock-it-up-and-hide-under-the-matress type diary, but this isn't a journal for others to see, either. It's a record of my thoughts, dreams (I have fantastic story dreams.), sometimes lists, book reviews... whatever I feel like writing. This doesn't need to be a fancy thing, but after seeing all the fancy journals, I thought, if it works, I should make it pretty. My priority is not to obscure the writing or the lines on which I write. (I need them for neatness.)

This is the first part of what will be an ongoing experiment.

I picked the last written page in this journal. (Not necessarily the last page I wrote because I have several going at once since I grab the nearest notebook handy.) Without any thought, I started slapping on some watered down acrylics. This is what I got.

Journal Decoration Experiment 1st page

It's not a picture of anything, although maybe I was influenced by the fact the the page was a book review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (Very fun book to read.) It kind of looks to me like a red creature (vampire?) is attacking a purple rabbit. What it is is not the important point, though. I didn't think to scan or get a picture of the other side before I did that one, too, but the paint did not bleed through. That and the fact that I can still see my lines and read my writing made this a successful experiment.

I turned the page over and did some painting there, too. It still didn't bleed through.

Journal Decoration Experiment 2nd page

Then I wrote on top of the painted page. It works fine. And it felt nice to be writing on the colorful page. Now I want to go pull out all of Mom's books on watercolor painting. It would be nice to be able to learn to do something better than what I've done here, though I don't think this page is too bad for a non-painter.

(These pages have nothing personal about them, so if you're the curious type, don't feel you shouldn't read them. But they're hardly profound writing, either!)

You can see that this is just an ordinary spiral bound notebook. I have plans to dress up the cover. Future experimets will be in minimal collaging, markers, undiluted acrylics, and whatever else I see anywhere that piques my interest. This particular journal is a large, five section notebook. I'm within the last ten pages of the fourth section. I think I will work on the blank pages first, and then practice on the already written pages, or maybe do several blank pages and them go back and forth. It might be fun to illustrate what I've written about on the completed pages. (Ooooh, and I have lots of completed journals to play with, too!) I'm hoping that having some pretty pages will encourage me to write more often in these journals.

I'll show more of the experimental pages and, if they're not too personal, perhaps some other pages if they seem interesting enough.

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