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Chevron Stitch


  04:07:00 pm, by Airycat   , 525 words  
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Chevron Stitch

As usual, I was wondering what can I do different with this stitch. I doubt I have anything here that no one has ever seen before, but there are some new variations for me.


The first thing I did, and probably the most difficult, was the border. It's just a straightforward chevron stitch, but a) circles are always harder on counted thread like aida and b) I drew the inner line of the circle, but not the outer line and kept bumping into the inside of the hoop. I used a variegated fine crochet cotton.

The band of five colors around the bottom was next. With this, I kept the stitches aligned with the fabric, but the next stitch started up or down according to the circle. The middle three rows are right next to each other while I kept the top and bottom row farther apart. These are craft threads about the size of perle 8.

The next part, the center, was my favorite. I carefully counted for this to make sure it came out even. Instead of going up and down, I did four stitches around and then did another round. Except it isn't round but square. It seemed kind of bland so I added smaller stitches over it (essentially couching the long legs of the stitch), putting the cross stitch in at an angle in the corners. I added a bullion rose and fishbone stitch leaves in the center because the chevron combo looked like a frame to me. The green is 4-ply knitting yarn. I think the pink is a variegated 5 perle, but I lost the label, so I'm not 100% sure. The leaf is green crochet thread.

Doing the bullion rose made me want to try a bullion chevron. I can see where it might look great in the right place, but it was tedious, so I did only one complete stitch. I used fine crochet thread for this.

The bit above the from is just playing with tall, wide and detached chevrons. These were done in perle 8, two strands (one each vari-green and vari-pink).

I can see all of these on CQ. I did my stitching on the livingroom sofa and didn't have my beads handy, but I may go in and add some beads and/or sequins.

Talking to my sister yesterday about the long overdue CQ purse. I had been getting a feeling that she didn't really like it. Turns out that she thought she wouldn't use it because she'd be afraid of ruining it, so we decided it will be a pillow instead. Then she can use and enjoy it on her bed without worrying about ruining it. Of course, that means I have to double the size! Fortunately, I think the second half will go much faster after having taken Sharon's class. It may also look different, stylewise. I'm not sure about that since she wants a tupe shaped pillow. Anyway, I can see using some of the chevron variations here in that. I'm sure I'll find some more good variations as I go out to look at what others have done. Check them out here and here.


Comment from: Ms Sharma [Visitor]  
Ms Sharma

Very beautifully done. I love the square shape (I have also tried some), multicoloured band and also your bullion Chevron. I wish I could stitch bullion like you.

Ms Sharma

02/10/12 @ 05:04
Comment from: celle qui rÍve [Visitor]
celle qui rÍve

Full of good ideas ! I like chevron/bullion stitch, also your way of stitching around a circle, Sharon wonders it was possible ;o)

02/10/12 @ 09:07
Comment from: Raphaela [Visitor]

Beautiful stitching. I love the bullion chevron.

02/11/12 @ 04:45
Comment from: airycat [Member]  

I accidentally deleted a comment. :( If it was yours, I’m so sorry. I did read it and thank everyone for their kind comments.

02/15/12 @ 17:31
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