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TAST: Feather Stitch


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TAST: Feather Stitch

I actually got to TAST on Tuesay, but I took my time working on it.

On to the pictures!

Before Tuesday, I worked on this flower based on the one I did for the Buttonhole/Blanket stitch.

Buttonhole and Fly Stitch

The flower is detached buttonhole on a buttonhole circle. Stems and leaves are fly stitches.

Then I got to work on feather stitch.

TAST3-Feather Stitch

I had the idea for this heart in the back of my brain and it just jumped out when I looked at Sharon's examples. A simple line of feather stitch to divide this section form the previous. Heart is 2 layers of feather stitch. I worked the entire pink layer in perle 5 first and than added the red in perle 8, sometimes under the pink to give the impression it was intertwined.  The background is feather stitch in machine embroidery thread. I had a difficult time doing this one. It would have been easier for me using buttonhole (of which feather is a variation). Since completing this, I've seen it done well on other TAST samplers, so I just need to practice it.  The smaller hearts are done in 4 sections of almost solid feather stitch using perele 8.

EDIT: Well, DUH!  I forgot to say that I was inspired to do the following stitch picture after reading this blog post. Until I read it, I was feeling like there was nothing else I could do with this stitch. This shows how good/important it is to belong to a group and seeing what others have done/are doing.

This was also in the back of my brain.

TAST3-Feather Stitch

The trunk is a dense, relatively wide feather stitch in perle 8. I didn't do the center catch stitching in exactly the same place and this made a nice trunk texture. (I also went back and added a few --not too many-- stitches to fill in where I didn't get close enough to be solid.) The ferns are feather stitch starting narrow and getting wider as I went down, also perle 8. The treetop is perle 5. I started at a mediun width and got wider then narrow. The 2 botton branches are straight forward. The 2 top branches are twisted at the ends, so the stitch changes direction.  This is something I'd llike to play with some more. It is difficult to see here, but I think with a denser and/or finer thread it would work very well.


I think I'm going to start adding samples I learn from other TAST stitchers. I really want to learn to do the peacock shown here and I saw another one, today, that I can't remember at the moment. There are also many more on the featherstitch post at Pintangle. (We add links in the comments.) Be sure to chek out the other TAST posts, and Sharon's blog in general, for all sorts of stitching goodness.


Comment from: Anneliese [Visitor]

Hi Airycat - I also love trees. And your palmtree is lovely especially with the fern - it could by any tropical plant…

01/23/12 @ 10:50
Comment from: Kathy [Visitor]  

It is wonderful to be able to look at what others stitch. This has helped me in my stitching. Well Done. Kathy http://kathysnest32.wordpress.com/

01/26/12 @ 03:17
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