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playing with my Christmas toys


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playing with my Christmas toys

ONE of my Christmas toys was the Dragon, NaturallySpeaking speech recognition program.  There are still several things I need to correct with this.

the following will be a lot of rambling and certainly no one is expected to continue reading.  If they're not totally bored with everything else.  If you are bored, you might find it somewhat interesting in a weird way.

For one thing, the computer and I need to learn to work together so that I speak more clearly and it knows what I'm saying.  For another thing, the program eats to figure out what it is that I'm saying so that it types it correctly.  I need to learn the commands that make this work correctly.  Sometimes what I say gets typed rather than being a command to be followed.  Because of this, what I say is not coming out as naturally as I would like to because I'm thinking about what I'm going to say before I say it more than I would if I were actually talking.  There's a lot of stuff to see on screen.  A lot of commands I have to learn it does have tips.  The bottom that's good.

Up to this point it is not done punctuation on its own, however, the last line above shows where it did use punctuation on its own.  Funny!  Actually, the only punctuation it does on its own is periods and commas.

Proofreading is going to be lots of fun in the future.  I just noticed the "program eats"  up above. What it should have been is the "program needs."

the reason I wanted this program was that I wanted to be able to write down story ideas as fast as I can think of them which is a lot easier to do speaking than writing,  especially typing.  However, at this point it is taking as long to correct things that would be for me to type things out myself.  But as it learns my voice and how I say things.  This should be corrected.  Just one.  I think I will leave things as they are for the rest of this paragraph just to see how they turn out.  One thing I forget to do is to say.  Or to say, when they are needed.  Space but even though I put him in the as words, it added them as commands.  Computers can hear the sounds you may but clearly they cannot understand what they mean.  Even though I think I am speaking clearly, it is pretty obvious that my speaking is not as clear as I think.  I guess I have to agree with my mom about my lack of clarity when speaking.  One of the suggestions they gave in the tips was to listen to newscasters and learn how to speak the way they speak.  Considering my typing skills, I think as I learn this program better, I will actually be able to get things done more quickly than I have in the past.  By that I mean things I type.  Clearly this program will be be up with anything else.

years ago I tried to use a tape recorder to write stories.  It didn't work.  I hope this time it's speaking what I'm thinking will work better than it did then. Aargh!  When the program chooses the wrong word.  I am supposed to say "Select that" for the full last phrase computer typed or to say "Select <xyz>" with  XYZ being the specific word I wanted to correct.  It doesn't work on that specific word is "that" or is "again" since these are the command words.  I wonder why it doesn't always start a sentence with a capital letter.  It does sometimes, but my new paragraphs did not start with those.  Oh well?

in this blog word processor, rather than saying "new paragraph," I need to say "new line" or it makes a new paragraph three lines down, rather than two line down.

I wonder if I will ever be able to type HTML with this.  That will make things a lot easier once I can do this smoothly.  I wonder if I can do italics.this should be in italics. Space it worked! um, the word "space" should have been a command, not a word.  The program says I should speak naturally.  However, I find that I am now in CAD and much more clearly beyond normal.  I have no idea what CAD means, nor why it went in there because it doesn't sound anything like what I said.  What I said was   "pronouncing."

well, I think I need to go get dinner and stop boring people with this computerized chitchatting.

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