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Chasing Blue Days


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Chasing Blue Days

The last two weeks have been frustrating. I had the problems with getting my blog updated. The weather had a lovely two days and then cool and rainy, which after the whole fall, winter & spring is too much for me. I also hadn't been sleeping very well. Today, two of the three problems are cleared up.  As for summer, who knows when our only almost guaranteed sunny, warm weather will show up.

To fight off depression caused by all the frustration, I have been doing jigsaw puzzles and playing with GIMP.

(Apologies to those  from Xanga or LiveJournal. I directed this back to AiryNothing because my pictures are large and my webhost won't show them off site. When you've finished reading, if you have a comment, you can comment here or hit your back button to comment where you came from.)

The puzzles were fun, but with GIMP, I had a lot of fun and I got a couple of ideas for some form of needlework. I started after reading a few GIMP entries on Liz's blog. She is always trying something interesting. I generally start off trying to do what she did, but inevitably end up going in another direction. The two animations below are collections of images I liked. They were created with transparent gradients on a white canvas background (and possibly some not transparent) and some have solid brush images stamped on them. Then I used the threshold tool and sometimes the curves tool. I collected them this way to save space. If you click on them, they will open in a new tab or window (depending on how your browser works) and be twice as large. I love B&W prints and I can see some of these as quilting patches.



Of course, I can't stick to black and white. I LOVE color, so then I was using the modes again.  I might start out with a couple of things and as I get new images I like  using modes, I will them start using the new ones in modes. Sometimes that will only intensify the colors, but other times it can totally change both colors and relationships between layers. These are some of my favorite color images from the same couple of nights GIMP play.


These are from the same set of images as the top black and white images. I think I may have used some solid color backgrounds in addition to the gradients. I also added in the black and white images when changing modes, sometimes.

The next couple of days I worked on kaleidoscope brushes. What I'm doing there is taking elements of the kaleidoscopes and making brushes out of them. That way a multicolored new kaleidoscope can be created. As I was working on these I realized that they are interchangeable as long as I stick to the same sided versions. Not only can I create new color combinations, but also totally new combinations of elements. Great for making mandelas, flowers and whatever roundish designs I want.

Below is another animated gif of mode variations using one combination of those. The first frame is very long because I wanted people to be able to read it. (This one won't get larger)



The thing with the kaleidoscopes is that I have been making the brushes in different ways. Sometimes I simply select a color (or color range) and make that a brush, keeping some of the original photographic look of it. Other times I posterized it first. I also sometimes simeply took the lines of the particular element to make the brush. It takes a lot of time. I am considering doing only the lines, because that also gives me potential embroidery patterns. The problem with that is when I'm working on GIMP I want more than just lines, so I'll probably continue with a combination. On the plus side, this will create a greater variety for making new designs.

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