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Meandering Musings


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Meandering Musings

My brain has been in hyper-drive the past few days. What this means is that there is so much going on inside my head that not much happens outside my head. It can be frustrating.

More for myself, but also for anyone else interested in my weird brain, I thought I'd jot down a bit of some of those thoughts, or summaries of them.

:dot2: I need to consolidate all my blogs. I went a little crazy. Multiple blogs is not working. I can cross post to LJ and Xanga. Blogger has been a pain lately, so I may simply put up a links page there directing people here. This would also necessitate revising my whole website. Really, the blogs will end up the main part of the site, I think. I just need to figure out how to transfer everything here (or to a new blog).

:dot2: I have had several ideas for  The 26 Dimensions of God. The latest is the quantum nature of the spirit (soul). I really want to follow up on that one! Will I find time? Will I find some more info? Who knows?  ... The Shadow?

:dot2: I need to read more -- spend less time on the computer!!

:dot2: I need a more rigid schedule or routine. A good part of the reason I have been going crazy since moving to Oregon is because, for the first time, I am not alone during the day and I have no time requirements such as getting up in time to get Alex to school or having dinner when Iqbal gets home from work. I function much better with some firm, externally imposed routine. Bells, like class change bells at school, would be nice. I need to figure something out. Maybe I should wear an alarm clock for the bells. :DD

Well, My brain has been dancing around for the last hour and I've written nothing. I think I'll go down, turn on the TV and do some stitching.

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