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Blessing 15 -- Rocks


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Blessing 15 -- Rocks

I have not given up on this project, but it's priority will go up and down, depending on what's going on in my life. Recently I have been spending more time on Sharon B's GIMP for Textile Designers class.

Blessing 15, Rocks
Position: page 2, block 16

I suppose this sounds like a funny blessing, but rocks are important to our lives in many ways. For starters, I wouldn't be writing this (wouldn't have learned about the SAL and a whole LOT more) without the rock called silicon. (Wikipedia calls it a metalloid, but metals come in rocks and raw, it looks like a rock to me.) Many buildings are, or depend on rock (cement contains forms of rock). Think of the lovely marble and granite counter tops we all admire. Rock! What about diamonds and other gems? Rocks! I just like any rocks and have a collection of polished stones --- one of which is in this square -- and some interesting looking unpolished stones/rocks. And look at the majesty of the mountains. They are rock and without them, many areas would not have water. The slow melt of mountain snow provides water to the lowland of a lot of western US areas, including my own area. I'm sure there is more than I'm specifically aware of. Really, where would we be without rock? The Earth is just a living rock. (Places like the moon are dead rocks, and, from here, that's a pretty nice thing, too.) I am truly grateful for rocks, their versatility and their beauty.


This is in the last square on the page, under the tree of the last blessing. Mountains in the back are a somewhat random satin stitch in two shades of lavender (together) and white for the snow. I used a different shisha stitch for this than I used for the shell. I'm not sure if it's the stitch or just the smoothness and/or simple shape of the stone, but it doesn't want to stay, so I will need to add some kind of stitch to hold it better. My mom (who is not a stitcher) says glue it, but I don't want to do that. I don't know exactly how I will fix it, yet.

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