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A Feast!...


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A Feast!...

...A veritable feast, I tell you! I saw Alice in Wonderland, and loved it and followed Susan Elliott as she did her inspiring AiW CQ block, but OMG!! I saw The Lion King tonight and it was indeed a feast for the eyes for anyone who loves color and fiber/fabric! (and costuming, puppetry, dance and music) I sat entranced through the whole thing. People most often talk about the masks and puppet parts of the production, but the costuming as a whole is magnificent and masks and puppets are only part of the costuming.

The sad part is that it was all over and gone so fast. My sister rushed us out the side door so I wasn't able to even consider getting a book. I don't know if they had the kind of photos I wanted, though. I'm going to look online to see if there is a good picture book.

I have to say that reading all the blogs about fiber arts that I have been reading these past several months definitely made me more aware of these things. Talking with my son's gf, who is a costumer/puppeteer, during the intermission was enlightening, too. Front row (!!!) didn't hurt, either! :DD

I also 'discovered' a new (to me) voice -- Phindile Mkhize (Peen-DEE-lair m-KEYZ-zair). I looked her up on YouTube

All I can find are these phone recordings and they all sound a little tinny to me compared to her live voice, but it will give you an idea. If anyone knows of an official recording by her, please let me know. She really is awesome.

I got my fat quarters sorted. I think it's reasonably clear to see what color each stack is.

Before I got all the stacks put away, I went down and I removed the vinyl from atop the fabric -- put there to protect the fabric from the cats -- and there was Ruby, under the vinyl! I guess it was cosy for her there. I didn't have my camera handy. Wish I had. However a little while after the fat quarters were put away, she was back.

On the fabric for the fairy quilt, of course.

Emily gets up there and knocks things off the table. I don't think Llyan gets into things at all. Except for being a grouchy, hissy, scratchy cat, she's a good girl.

Finally, I got started on my fairy quilt again, today. I did not get much done. I cut out five small pieces.

Then my sister showed up and by the time I settled down after she left, she was back again to take us to dinner and the theater.

Now, it's about 2 am Wednesday, so I won't be doing any sewing tonight... except maybe a tiny bit on my Blessings sampler before I sleep.

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