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My son's Facebook update said it all. The sheer amount of ridiculous crap my family can fit in a garage is magical. "Harry Potter & the Boxes of Broken Tiles" We forgot to take before photos, but I have a few blurry ones from last year.

This was before the laundry room was walled in at the back of the garage. We did some cleaning out then, but the last photo here probably looks better than it was on Monday. The biggest problem is that the shelves were supposed to roll out so we could see and put things away. In reality, they were always getting stuck on each other and in cold weather no one wanted to take the time in the unheated garage to bother. Things were getting piled up in no particular order and when we went to look for something, they would get even more out of order. It had reached the point where we couldn't find anything. So Alex, when he couldn't find something he wanted, agreed to help. He emptied almost everything out of the garage. Then, between the two of us, we figured out how to arrange the shelves so that each one was accessible from the front -- no pulling out necessary. We moved the old kitchen cupboards to the back of the laundry room wall where we can actually use it. That freed up space in the far front corner for four of the shelves. The Christmas stuff is finally all together on two of them. We also got rid of a car load of Goodwill donations and at least two garbage bags of trash. All the lumber is piled outside under the balcony. I will use what I need of that to put shelves in my fabric cupboard and probably add the rest to the wood pile. (At least two of the 2x4's from there will be used to get the wood pile off the ground, too.) We put the tiles mentioned in the quote above, along with many more unbroken tiles, under the balcony, too. We need to think hard about whether we will actually use them when we redo the kitchen and baths. If so, we'll put them in storage. If not, they will go to Freecycle. So, now the garage looks like this:

These are books and videos. The corner cupboard and box of hangers sitting on it will be going out to the family room and laundry, respectively. I'm hoping to pare down the extra linens in the boxes at the right, too. They are blocking the window light.


This is the front corner with all the Christmas stuff on the right.


We actually have enough floor space to set up three pieces of exercise equipment. (We can use it in here when it's not too hot or too cold.)


This is the kitchen extras corner. All the seasonal and occasional use stuff is here in the cupboard and on the shelving. The big box behind the mini tramp is my craft paper -- leftover moving paper.


The kitchen shelving and beyond from the other side of the garage. Notice the kitty boxes. They are finally out of the laundry room!! That's traditional "garage stuff" above them.

One day it would be nice to turn this into a room. I'd put patio doors where the garage door is. I'd like to do that anyway. Tomorrow, I will get my fabric cupboard.

They didn't have an internal photo, but it's a sort of free standing closet. I don't need the side to hang items, so I'm putting in extra shelves. It will be more functional for me that way. I will get the laundry room, where this will be, reorganized this weekend. Then, if things keep going this well, I will be able to get back to my sewing. Except... I may rearrange my sewing tables, first. I have to wait for Alex to get back, because my one table is a nine foot counter and is way too heavy to move by myself. He should be back sometime Monday, though. Tonight I'm going to work a bit on my Blessings sampler.

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