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More Books!


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More Books!

We can't go to Marco Polo's Restaurant without stopping in at The Book Bin and I can't go into a book store without getting something! I restrained myself and got only three books, but Iqbal also got three books and Alex got three LPs. Then I ended up surfing around at LibraryThing after I added the new books. I can't keep up with my flist and other blogs as it is, but I added more. ::sigh::

Well, at least I always have plenty of choice in what to read, online and off!

I also got a copy of Feverblau in the mail Wednesday. I got it cheap, and since it's no longer available new, I don't feel bad about it. Otherwise I really do try to get a new copy of the books of the writers on my flist.

Since I got my last review done and the next review book hasn't arrived yet, I can read what I want. Should it be some dense theo-philosophy (Teilhard) or a goblin story? Goblins win!

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