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February 26. 2019

Finally!! I thought I had the ftp thing all figured out, and then I couldn't connect. NOW I do have it figured out. Everytime Windows updates, it resets things. Now that I know that, I can simply make myself a note of what I need to do. It should be a one time thing.

I think they mess up remembered passwords too, because a lot of places I normally auto sign into aren't auto signing in. And they are in the saved passwords!



I have finally gotten back to my sewing machines. My current projects are

  • finishing a snowman throw and
  • making an old bathrobe wabi sabi

The first will be simple now that my machine is tuned up, It's just a matter of getting the embroidery done and putting front and back together.

The second is not quite as easy because it's been moth eaten. Originally I thought I'd just embroider over the holes, but since my Husband would prefer not to have a lot of flowers, it doesn't work on all the spots. Yesterday I finished mending all the holes with my machine's darning stitch. Next I will be machine embroidering some horse designs and some swirls or filigrees on it. I may or may not do some hand embroidery. This is a really old bathrobe, and I've made him a nice, cozy new one, so  I'm not excited about it. Plus I'm not sure how truly wabi sabi I can make it. It will be functional again, but I'm not sure how good it will look.

I'll have some before and after pictures once I can get Yahoo to let me into my Flickr account. It didn't like my saved password or the code they sent!


It's been so long that I'm really out of the habit of blogging, but I really want to get back to it. Hopefully there will no longer be any long breaks between posts. It won't be daily, either. I never was that good.


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Upcoming Updates

Time passes so darn fast! I think I have enough time to do something. Then I barely get started and I should be done. Where does the time go?

I puttered around in the studio ...

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Not Much

Clearly, I still haven't gotten back into the habit of blogging.  Not that much is happening, and yet...

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Yep. I'm still alive after all.

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New for You!

'April is almost over and this is the first post of the year!! I suppose the main reason is the malaise that has been dogging me. It's also because of the fustration of needing to update the blog software and not being able to because of a glitch between Filezilla and ??? that I haven't been able to resolve. Whether I get that resolved or not ... 

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